Kevin Love and a top 10 protected pick in 2022 for Gordon Hayward

Kevin Love Trades
Image via TradeNBA

A trade in this vein might have made more sense last summer (and cost less for the Cavs). Hayward has been good, and is under contract for just one more season. At one point, Hayward’s contract felt like an albatross, but that’s no longer the case - even if it’s still pricey at $34 million plus for next season. In the meantime, he’s younger than Love and has gotten back to his ways as a jack-of-all-trades positive offensive force. He doesn’t monopolize possessions but he scores efficiently and can do some playmaking.

The Cavs would get a wing they desperately need, and could sell fans on the fact that they might be getting Milwaukee’s first in 2022 anyway (note: that doesn’t make trading their own pick smart). Boston could feel like even if Love isn’t a huge upgrade on Hayward in a vacuum, he’s a better fit for what they need and would pair well with Kemba Walker. I’m not sure this makes sense for either team, but you never know. 

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