UPDATED, 12/22 at 7:18 p.m. ET: Isaiah Thomas has been suspended for two games after going into the stands to confront Sixers fans.

Shortly after the suspension was handed out, Thomas took to Twitter to let his thoughts be known. "Bullshit," he wrote.

UPDATED, 12/22 at 1:10 p.m. ET: A Sixers spokesperson told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the two fans who yelled expletives and made obscene gestures at Isaiah Thomas have been banned from the Wells Fargo Center for a year.

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Isaiah Thomas is letting fans know he will not tolerate any disrespect. 

During Saturday's game against Philadelphia, the Washington Wizards point guard was seen entering the stands to confront a couple of Sixers fans. The incident occurred late in the fourth quarter and ultimately led to his ejection from the game.

Though it was initially unclear what prompted Thomas' reaction, he explained the situation in a post-game interview.

The Sixers have a promotion in which all fans receive a free Frosty if an opposing player misses two consecutive foul shots in the second half. Sure, a free Frosty sounds nice, but yelling obscenities for it is going overboard.

""I'm never gonna be disrespected in any way. My dad taught me at a young age don't ever let anybody call you out of your name. It doesn't matter who I am, that's not gonna happen," he explained. "When I missed the first free throw, and made the second, I'm running back, the fan had both of his middle fingers up and said, 'fuck you, bitch' three times. So then the timeout goes, and I go in the stands and confront him. I said, 'don't be disrespectful.' That calm. I'm a man before anything, and be a fan. His response was, 'I'm sorry, I just wanted a frosty.' Because if you miss two free throws the fans get a Frosty."

After learning he was ejected, Thomas kept his head high and gave a fan his headband. That's class right there.

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