Adrien Broner's recent legal loss will reportedly cost him six figures.

According to court records obtained by TMZ, the former world champion boxer has been ordered to pay more than $783,000 to a woman who accused him of sexual assault. The plaintiff—identified under the alias Katherine Larson—claimed the 30-year-old athlete had pinned her down on a couch and forcibly kissed her in 2018 at Cleveland night club. Larson said Broner continued to assault her until another person pulled him off.

Larson reported the incident to police shortly after, and the boxer was subsequently indicted on sexual imposition, assault, and unlawful restraint charges. Broner was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to assault and unlawful restraint back in April; however, several months after the sentencing, Larson filed a lawsuit against AB, seeking attorneys' fees as well as economic, noneconomic, and punitive damages.

"While we may never know why Mr. Broner decided to walk up to a perfect stranger and attack her, we do know he did a better job of keeping his hands to himself during the Pacquiao fight than he did at Park Social," the plaintiff's attorney, Ashlie Case Sletvold, said in a statement after the suit was filed. "Women have a right to exist in public spaces without being manhandled. The brave women who take a stand against this type of abuse are helping to bring about a world in which everyone’s bodily integrity is respected."

TMZ reports the judge ultimately ruled in Larson's favor, pointing to the fact that Broner did appear in court to defend himself. The judge reportedly determined "by clear and convincing evidence that [Broner] acted maliciously and that a substantial punitive award is necessary to punish and deter him from engaging in similar conduct in the future."

Larson was awarded a total of $783,752 in damages and fees. TMZ later reported that prejudgment and post-judgment interest was awarded and that Broner is on the hook for an additional $46,000, brining the total to $830,000.

Broner has had to face a string of criminal cases over the last several years. These include a misdemeanor battery charge in 2016, when he allegedly choked a waitress in Las Vegas; an aggravated robbery charge in 2016, when he allegedly robbed someone at an Ohio bowling alley; and a sexual battery charge in 2018, when a woman claimed Broner had groped her at Atlanta's Lennox Mall. (The last two charges were ultimately dropped.)

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