After a 17-year playing career, Richard Jefferson is now the color commentator for the Brooklyn Nets. It appears to be a cushy gig, if also perhaps far less lucrative than playing in the league. That's relevant because, during Sunday's Nets-Knicks game, Jefferson stated that he knew it was time to call it quits when the only team that came around with a contract offer was the perpetual punching bag that plays home games at MSG. 

"I refused to play for the Knicks," Jefferson said. "Like Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, they don't really care. Me? I was the one person that said: 'Knicks? No, I'll retire.' That's why I retired. They were the one team that offered me a job."

The whole comment was pretty obviously a joke, but not so "pretty obviously" that the Knicks didn't actually take time to respond to it instead of just rolling their eyes and ignoring. You can be the judge but, from here, their actual clarification makes the whole thing much funnier:

Anyway that response beget more trolling:

Got to be fun to be a Knicks fan.