Carmelo Anthony has reportedly inked a deal with the struggling Portland Trail Blazers. And, to no one's surprise, people had a lot to say.

Shortly after ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowsk broke the news Thursday night, NBA players, alumni, and fans took to social media to share their initial reactions. Athletes like Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Isaiah Thomas shared congratulatory messages for the future hall of famer. But the reactions among fans? Let's just say they were mixed.

Many people said they were optimistic about the signing, as the Blazers currently sit a 4-8 and are dealing with a number of injuries: Hassan Whiteside sustained a sprained right foot; Zach Collins has a shoulder injury, and Jusuf Nurkic is still out as he recovers from a nasty leg injury from last season. Some say adding Melo to the roster will give Portland a much-needed boost, while others aren't convinced he can save the team.

Anthony has expressed his desire to return to the league recent weeks and said he was confident he would join a team before the year's end.

"I'm surprised, of course. It is what it is at this point," he said last week, when asked about being unsigned throughout 2019. "I'm sitting back waiting to see what happens. Spending time with the family right now, that's all I can focus on and other things I have going."

You can check out some of the reactions to Anthony's Portland deal below.