As America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys are used to being under a microscope. That was especially true on Sunday night, when the Cowboys squared off against the Minnesota Vikings on national television. 

And while the game itself might go down as one of the best of the year, all eyes were on the pregame rituals, as cameras captured the Cowboys’ bell cow, Ezekiel Elliott, doing his best Dak Prescott impression.

The high-pressure existence that comes with being an NFL quarterback definitely comes with its own separate set of quirks, a fact that was never more apparent than what happened when Prescott took the field prior to the coin toss and showed off some of moves?

It sounds ridiculous, but Twitter pounced on footage of Prescott warming up, a routine that included some never-before-seen hip thrusting. To be perfectly honest, we’re not really sure what’s happening here, but such is life as a Dallas Cowboy. When you do anything, the world stops and people take notice. And boy, did they ever. 

Case in point, below. 

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