Odell Beckham Jr. shared a letter that he received from the NFL on his Instagram Stories informing him of a $14,037 fine he was given for a uniform and equipment rules violation. 

The league determined that Beckham Jr. would be fined for wearing pants that "failed to cover the knee area" during the Browns’ game against the Seattle Seahawks on October 13. Check out the above image of OBJ from that Week 6 contest to see exactly what the league is pointing out with the way the Cleveland Browns star wide receiver wore his pants. 

"14k for some pants that are NOT gonna protect me from anything," Beckham Jr. wrote. "This shxt is ridiculous."

Beckham Jr. can get upset over the NFL coming down on him hard for the way he wore his pants, but it's widely known that the league tends to be very strict when it comes to their uniform and equipment rules. OBJ has been pushing the limits of the league rules as early as the 2019 season opener when he wore a $189,500 Richard Mille watch on the field.

Since there wasn’t a specific rule in place barring him from rocking the expensive accessory while playing, the league could only speak to OBJ about wearing the Richard Mille, but it appears the NFL simply let that one slide

Now, the league has a new issue with Beckham Jr., and it has to do with his pants. 

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