The NBA season is finally here. After an insane summer where we saw numerous star players switch teams, the games are finally about to begin. Kyrie Irving is in Brooklyn. Anthony Davis is a Laker. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are on the Clippers. And that's only a little bit of what went down this summer. The Warriors lost Kevin Durant and won't have Klay Thompson until after the All-Star game. The NBA that we've come to know over the past few years is gone. Duos are now running the league and at least 10 teams probably feel like they have a legit shot to win a championship.

That's a crazy shift after the Warriors dominance over the past few years. But it's fun. This NBA season has a unknown factor to it. You have an idea who will be good, but there's no foregone conclusion who will win it all this season. With the season set to kick off this week, the Complex Sports team got together and shared some predictions for the upcoming season. These might look wild in a few months, but we gave it our best shot.