During an episode of How Hungry Are You? with his ex-Thunder teammate Serge IbakaKevin Durant chose which of his former teammates were better: Russell Westbrook or Steph Curry.

"Steph Curry," KD says. "He can shoot better."

Durant's incredible luck with point guards hasn't ended, of course; he'll be teaming up with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn.

During a press conference in September, Kyrie made it clear that he will do everything within his power to be a great teammate to Durant as he recovers from his Achilles injury.

"While he was injured I made sure that he knows that he has our support 100 percent. That there isn't going to be any pressure from any of us at any time," Kyrie said. "I will make sure of that... I'm here to protect that. I'm going to be the protector of that all throughout the year."