The NBA is back TONIGHT. We finally made it after months of anticipation and a summer of crazed free agent movement that saw a number of stars move teams. As a result of the frenzied movement from July, we saw a shift in the power in the NBA. The Warriors are no longer the favorites. Both LA teams think they can win it all. Squads like the Jazz and Nuggets believe they have championship caliber teams.  The East appears down this year, but the Bucks and Sixers are legit threats to win it all. After years of basically knowing the final outcome of the NBA season before it began, we're now in a space of unknown. The league has a balance like a post-Thanos snap.

We've ranked the top 50 players in the NBA. We've given our predictions. We've shared the hot takes. Now, the Complex Sports team put together a list of the teams that have a legit shot to win it all next season. Enjoy. 

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