On Sunday afternoon, the Warriors got pummeled by the previously winless Thunder, losing by a score of 120-92, to put them in the precarious position of being *checks standings* 0-2. For Golden State, this comes just three days after their home opener, where the Clippers also beat them by a bonkers score of 141-122.

While nobody emotionally stable probably gives much of a shit about the NBA's pre-Halloween standings, the Durant and Thompson-less Warriors have now lost their first pair of contests by a combined 47 points. That's not ideal. After Sunday's drubbing at the hands of OKC, Draymond Green expressed frustration and a bit of shock at how the team that has repped the Western Conference in the past five NBA Finals' has come out of the gate to start 2019-20.

"I would like to see us play harder," Green said after the game. "But the reality is, we fucking suck right now." He also added that he didn't think the Warriors would be getting their asses kicked to the degree that they're currently being kicked, while also pointing out the team's clear defensive shortcomings.

And while it took some effort to sift-through Twitter's Sunday NFL-dominated trends tab, a rather large amount of people also took note of the Warriors' season-opening-stinkiness:

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