Antonio Brown's legal troubles continue. The currently ex-NFL receiver was forced to sit for a deposition in a case between himself and the owners of his Miami Beach condo. An attorney told TMZ that rather than go along with the proceedings, Brown was "belligerent" and generally uncooperative before storming out of the meeting early. 

A bit of backstory: The Mansions at Acqualina complex is suing Brown, alleging that he trashed his condo to the tune of multiple thousands of dollars in damages. Brown is countersuing, claiming that the condos failed to provide adequate security and his home was trashed during a burglary. Brown says that $80,000 in cash and a gun were taken from the home. 

Brown is clearly still sore about it, as an attorney for the condo owners said he was "extremely noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly, to the point that he frustrated the totality of the proceeding" during the planned deposition. 

The attorney went on to say that Brown's deposition was made up of "tumultuous tirades, defiant rants, use of profane language and refusal to comport himself in a civilized and grown-up manner." He said that Brown was "belligerent and pugnacious, refusing to answer the most routine of questions."

The attorney added that Brown only wanted to talk about his counterclaim and that he chanted that fact over and over again. The deposition ended when Brown gave the assembled people five more minutes, walking out at the end of a countdown.  

The plaintiffs want Brown to sit for another deposition and for him to be sanctioned for the way he allegedly acted at the first one. 

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