Jeopardy! is full of answers next to nobody would know off the top of their heads. But on Friday, all three contestants had NBA history as a blind spot for some reason.

The contestants weaved their way through the board and saved the clues in the "Eastern Conference" category for last. Kris selected a $400 clue that read: "In 2001 this 76ers guard became the shortest NBA MVP in history & was the All-Star game MVP in an Eastern Conference victory."

It's Allen Iverson, who won the MVP in 2001 and spent his prime carrying the Sixers on his back. Kris unfortunately thought it was non-MVP, non-Sixer fellow short man Muggsy Bogues. After host Alex Trebek informed him that his answer was incorrect, neither Jamie nor Erin attempted to steal the money. 

r u kidding me

— earl simmons (@iamsamkeller) October 25, 2019

This isn't the only time Jeopardy! contestants have stumbled when trying to answer sports-related questions. In Febuary 2018, a trio of competitors found themselves stuck in a category focused on football. The contestants sat in silence as Trebek riddled off both the answers and questions for all the remaining clues. 

Not all Jeopardy! contestants are dense when it comes to sports facts. Loren Lee Chen showed his sports knowledge in 2017 by trolling the Golden State Warriors. For one of his final wagers, Chen put up $739 to reference to the Warriors' historic 73-9 season. Chen made the joke a recurring one during his second appearance: His final wager was $301.