Life for women in sports media can be like a game of 21 where it's dog-eat-dog action on the blacktop until the final point is scored. As a young girl growing up in Evanston, Illinois, Cassidy Hubbarth didn't realize that this childhood roughhousing game would soon prepare her for both the beautiful and beastly sides of the sports media world.

“It’s the ultimate warrior of the court type game. I just remember some battles in those,” Hubbarth says. “That competitive edge, drive and understanding of working with teammates all contributes to who I am today.”

Growing up watching Basketball Hall of Famers Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoopes tell the world they got next, Hubbarth took the phrase to heart and applied it. The only difference is she doesn’t got next, she got now. She’s creating her own shots and carving out a unique path as an on-air first and second screen threat at ESPN.