Movies and sports will forever be tied together and that's not changing anytime soon. When you think about the drama of sports, it's paired perfectly with the bright lights of Hollywood. This is especially true with football and movies about football. Where else can you find such drama? 

The thrill of rooting for an underdog to do the impossible. The unpredictable twists and turns that will have your stomach in knots. Few things can match the emotions and rollercoaster of football, but over the years, Hollywood has, at times, perfectly tapped into that sensation. Sports movies will always be a thing, but there's just something different about football films. 

From an all-time comedy like Adam Sandler's The Waterboy to Oliver Stone's dark and twisted look at the sport in Any Given Sunday, football movies just hit different. The range of the genre is unmatched when it comes to sports movies, with a number of classics dropping over the years. Now, with the NFL finally back, the Complex Sports team has ranked the 10 best football movies of all time. Sit back and get ready to argue, but be warned, if you can't rap every word of "My Name Is Willie" by Willie Beamen, there's no need to proceed. Sorry, but not sorry.