UPDATED 9/23, 10 a.m. ET: Antonio Brown and Shannon Sharpe continue to trade shots.

In the midst of hammering out tweets that voiced his displeasure with the NFL, AB decided to resurface sexual assault allegations that were made against Shannon Sharpe in 2010. "Shannon Sharp the funny guy on tv still after this," AB said in a now-deleted tweet. Sharpe responded by likening AB's behavior to that of rapper-turned-informant 6ix9ine.

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Shannon Sharpe's opinion of Antonio Brown is very clear. Over the past several weeks, the Hall-of-Famer/TV host criticized Brown over a series of highly publicized controversies, including the recent sexual assault allegations levied against the former Patriot.

Twitter users have since blasted Sharpe over the commentary, claiming he is no position to condemn Brown over the abuse claims.

"Bro @ShannonSharpe you really starting to annoy the hell out of me with all this AB talk," one person tweeted. "Like chill bro you know for a fact that this could very well be a lie but you running with it like you saw what happen..."

Sharpe fired back, questioning whether the Twitter user was also "annoyed" with Brown's antics.

Sharpe went on to say that he doesn't dislike Brown, and that he's simply pointing out his self-destructive ways. He also suggested that some of his backlash has come from "AB apologists" who refuse to hold Brown accountable.

The conversation eventually turned to other sexual misconduct cases involving professional sports figures. One person shared screenshots of a 2010 article about Michelle Bundy's assault claims against Sharpe. Bundy's request for a restraining order was ultimately dismissed; however, the scandal led Sharpe to leave his analyst gig at CBS Sports.

Sharpe didn't respond the tweet that mentioned his sexual assault case ... but Brown did.

The receiver insisted that his situation was different from Sharpe's, writing, "Different that’s no allegation that’s factual."

It's important to note that Bundy's claims have not been deemed "factual," as suggested by Brown's post.

Sharpe then ended his tweet storm with a meme directed at his critics: