Like practically every other meat-eating American, Tristan Thompson wanted to see what all the hype was about with the new Popeyes chicken sandwich that has been selling out in establishments across the country. Over the weekend, Thompson stopped by the fast food chain's Van Nuys location in Los Angeles, where he was met with the recurring sight of a long line of people hoping to get their hands on the elusive sandwich. 

In a move that helped resolve the issue of waiting in line, Thompson moved to the front, put down his card, and offered to pay for everyone's order.  

The gesture is much more generous than Quavo's, who stunted with a bag filled with Popeyes chicken sandwiches in the trunk of his car that he was jokingly selling for $1,000 each, well above its $3.99 price.

These stories continue to push Popeyes' exposure, which reached an estimated $23.25 million in advertising through social media mentions of the chicken sandwich in its first 11 days, according to Apex Marketing Group.