Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Reportedly Bagged Over $23 Million Worth of Advertising From Social Media Hype

Popeyes is having a really, really, REALLY good 2019.


Image via Getty/Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket


In case you somehow managed to avoid any interaction whatsoever with the entire universe this week, you're well aware that Popeyes is winning the fast food wars—at least for now—with the well-played launch of a new chicken sandwich.

The launch, presumably as intended, promptly set off a social media war that's still going strong as of Friday. While the official Popeyes Twitter account's interactions with other noted chicken providers isn't exactly anything new when it comes to general fast food marketing approaches, the vigor with which actual people have participated in this undeniably promotional debate notably makes a renewed argument for letting actual fans do your advertising for you.

That approach's success has already been shown in the case of Popeyes, with an estimated $23.25 million in equivalent ad value in media mentions for "Popeyes Chicken Sandwich" across digital, print, social, TV, and radio in just 11 days. At least, that's the word from Apex Marketing Group.

As replies to that tweet point out, Popeyes suits arguably aren't who deserve the bulk of the credit here:

As sellout situations of the Popeyes chicken sandwich continue to hit locations across the country, a strip club in Dallas wisely utilized the presence of the increasingly rare item Thursday. Per Eater, Aces of Dallas patrons were able to get a free Popeyes chicken sandwich after paying their way into the club for activities that are surely bettered by the presence of the most popular sandwich of the moment.

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