Since getting packaged in a deal that helped the Los Angeles Lakers land Anthony Davis this summer, Lonzo Ball has said all the right things in public. 

There might be a part of Ball that feels some type of way about the Lakers giving up on him so early in his career. In the song "Last Days" off his new 50&30 mixtape, Lonzo seemingly (and briefly) opens up about his feelings towards getting traded, saying, "You know I'm all about business, L.A. is going to regret their decision."

Shortly after the trade went public, Ball seemed optimistic about his future with the New Orleans Pelicans. "I got traded. That was good," he said, smirking. "Now we're going to be taking the show to New Orleans and turning up out there." Lonzo has previously conveyed his understanding that the NBA is ultimately a business. 

“I tell people when I was rookie, I probably would have been sad,” Ball said about being traded. “Just being from L.A., having my whole family here, and wanting to be a Laker. But being in the league for two years, knowing it’s a business, as long as you get to play, that’s a blessing in itself. I’m excited to get started.” 

Now before you think Ball has all of a sudden taken a swipe at his former team in those bars on “Last Days,” he took to Twitter to let everyone know that there is nothing to decipher from those lines.