Lonzo Ball already played with LeBron James, and he would be foolish to not want to play with a young talent like Zion Williamson. Now he's going to get his chance. Ball was a piece of the trade that shipped Anthony Davis west, and he seems pretty happy to have landed with Jrue Holiday and the Duke phenom.  

Ball posted a video Sunday, where he played coy about the trade news, listing off reasons that he was having a good day before coming around to the NOLA news.

"I got traded. That was good," he said, smirking. "Now we're going to be taking the show to New Orleans and turning up out there." 

Lonzo's certifiably wild father LaVar Ball said that he played a key part in getting Lonzo to New Orleans, using reverse psychology to trick the Lakers front office into letting his son go. The elder Ball trashed Los Angeles in a recent interview on ESPN's First Take

“I told you. They let go of the best thing they had going for them. I told them ‘You get the Ball boys, you can survive this.’ Now they can’t. But like I said before, these suckas, I’m playing chess. Ya’ll playing checkers," he said. "The best way to get Lonzo out of L.A. is I said ‘You know what, I don’t like New Orleans. I don’t New Orleans. Lonzo ain’t going nowhere. He’s the best in the world and the L.A. Lakers ain’t going to ever let him go.’ The first thing they do is exactly what I wanted them to do is let him go because it’s raggedy over there. Even the writing is on the new shirt he’s going to wear, it says ‘No L.A.’ on there.”