No more Brazzers or skittles for Lamar Odom

Last month, Ice Cube released Lamar Odom from his BIG3 league because Odom was too out of shape. So during a new chat with TMZ, he told the outlet two things he's cutting out of his life so he can focus on returning to professional basketball. 

"Candy and porn," Odom said when asked what's off-limits. "I'm trying to be better."

Odom has been open about his struggles with addiction and has gone on record stating he's a recovering sex addict. In his book, Darkness to Light, Odom claims to have had sex with more than 2,000 women in his life. "Sex was a trigger for me to do drugs," Odom told People. "Because you double up on [that] good feeling."

According to Odom, he officially gave up porn close to a month ago. 

While his substance abuse has been the story of his life off the court, at the height of his NBA career Odom's love for candy was probably his most talked-about vice. During the Lakers' championship runs, there were stories floating around claiming Odom would eat candy for breakfast on game days—or that he would need a lineup of his favorite candies in his hotel room because his sweet tooth would wake him up at night. Odom even earned the nickname "the Candy Man" because of this behavior.

Now Odom hopes cutting out these two addictions will help him be "better" as he continues his career.