In recent years, the rise of the Clippers and decline of the Lakers has helpedbrew an inner-town rivalry between the franchises. More fuel was added to the fire when Anthony Davis made his way to the Lakers and Kawhi Leonard convinced the Clippers to trade for Paul George before signing there himself. During a Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal was asked which Los Angeles team he would play for if he was still in the NBA.

"Not one of those teams," he said. "I'm from the era where guys wanted to compete and beat each other, so I would wait and see who's teaming up and doing that and I would go on a team that needs a superstar, and I'd teach them guys how to beat the superteams."

Some fans could look at Shaq's laundry list of talented teammates and argue that the Diesel played for multiple superteams. But remember, Shaq was traded to the Lakers the same year they drafted Kobe Bryant and the team didn't win its first championship until his fourth year on the team.

It's no wonder he ultimately chose the Lakers after Kimmel asked Shaq which team will be better next year. "Listen, I gotta go with the Lakers," O'Neal said. "However, L.A. has always been a very exciting city, but next year basketball in the city is going to be very exciting. Very, very exciting. But, I'm Lakers. Purple and gold 'til I die."