Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have a solid friendship. But is this bond strong enough to prompt KD to make a four-year multimillion-dollar commitment before gathering all the information? 

After having a magnificent free agency, Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks held a press conference announcing the team's acquisitions. When the topic of Kevin Durant came up, Marks revealed to reporters that KD announced that he committed to Brooklyn on Instagram before even meeting with the organization. 

This revelation speaks to KD's desire to play with good friend Kyrie Irving. As reported, Irving met with Durant twice before free agency began. It is assumed that KD was undecided on his decision until Irving convinced him to come to Brooklyn. Their connection was so strong that not even the reigning Finals MVP could intervene. Before orchestrating a deal that paired him with Paul George, Kawhi Leonard reportedly reached out to both Kyrie Irving and KD. But, they both declined his advances as they had already formed a plan to set up shop in Brooklyn. 

Marks' comments hit especially hard for Knicks fans. As free agency closed in, New York was still optimistic that they would be able to snag KD, Kyrie, or both. But it was rumored that during their conversation with Durant they rejected the idea of offering him a max contract. The Knicks conversation came off as disrespectful leading KD to use his social media to announce he was going to a team that he's never spoken with.