Lil Durk is convinced he would destroy J. Cole in a game of basketball.

On Thursday night, the Chicago rapper responded to a Twitter video that highlighted Cole's impressive court skills. 

The footage was taken during Day 2 of Chris Brickley's summer "Black Ops Basketball" run in NYC, where Cole played alongside names like Carmelo Anthony, Trae Young, Lance Stephenson, and TJ Warren. Judging by the footage, it seems the Dreamville boss had no trouble holding his own; however, Durk didn't seem too impressed.

"I'll bust his ass," Durk tweeted in response to the video of Cole's performance.  

Sounds like a challenge.

Durk and Cole's athleticism has been well documented over the years. Though the former has never played on a team, fans have seen footage of his skills on social media. He was even bold enough to declare himself the Russell Westbrook of Chicago.

Unlike Durk, Cole has been on a number of basketball teams. He played for Terry Sanford High School in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and was a walk-on at St. Johns University.

"I was always in love with basketball as a kid, but I thought I was way better than I really was, because I didn't have a male figure around to show me how to actually play," he told Sports Illustrated in 2013. "Me and my brother just kind of figured it out playing rec ball."

It should also be noted that both rappers secured a spot on Complex's 2019 "Best Rap Hooper" poll. After beating names like 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, and DJ Khaled, they eventually went head-to-head in the third round, with Cole advancing to the final. After several days of voting, fans ultimately named Cole "The Best Rap Hooper" alive. 

Maybe Durk is looking to prove himself in a real-life matchup.