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Jimmy Butler is about to join the fourth team in his NBA career, the Miami Heat, as part of a four-team sign-and-trade deal. Butler's previous teams, the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Philadelphia 76ers, have up until now decided for him where he ended up via trade and being drafted. 

The Heat are the first team that Butler actually got to choose for himself, which makes it all the more bizarre that the path of his career is a nearly identical match to the locations of the murders committed by Andrew Cunanan.

"Am I weird for noticing that Butler is just going to the places where the dude who killed Versace committed his murders?," one Redditor asked before explaining the theory. 

"From watching the American Crime Story show, he killed two people in Minnesota, one in Chicago, one near Philly and then Versace in Miami, just a weird coincidence I guess," the Redditor pointed out. Now, before you go questioning Butler's free agency motives, it's worth noting that the order of Cunanan's murders doesn't align with Jimmy's locations. 

Butler went to Chicago before he was traded to Minnesota. Also, the murder that occurred "near Philly" was actually in Pennsville Township, New Jersey, at Finn's Point National Cemetery. The cemetery is almost an hour-long drive away from Philadelphia. The cemetery's caretaker William Reese was gunned down by Cunanan with the same weapon that would later kill Gianni Versace. 

Those two discrepancies prove that this whole observation is just a coincidence, and an incredibly weird one at that.