Jimmy Butler Owes Antonio Brown $30K After Losing Bet

Jimmy tried to take the wide receiver on in football. It went about how you would expect.

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Antonio Brown is speaking his mind once again, this time about his friend Jimmy Butler. Brown tweeted that for all his intensity and expectations, Butler is a full-on welcher. The star receiver pointed out that Butler hasn’t paid up on a $30,000 bet that he could keep Brown from catching a pass in the end zone. 

Still haven’t paid 🤦🏿‍♂️😂 https://t.co/YbmSiIDrsJ

— AB (@AB84) March 28, 2019

The wager was made when Butler was working out with Russell Wilson and Brown. Butler revealed the terms of the bet during a recent episode of Hot Ones. While Butler shared plenty of stories about being friends with Mark Wahlberg and competing with Michael Jordan, Brown was focused on the story that involved him being owed $30K, for obvious reasons. 

Brown and Butler have been friends for a while now. The pair work out together and the relationship extends beyond the confines of the weight room. Brown has been known to stop in to Butler play from courtside seats, since all the way back in his Bulls days. Butler has yet to respond, but what’s 30 large between impossibly rich friends?

Brown in particular isn’t hurting for money. The former Steeler left the snippy Pittsburgh organization in the dust to head to the Raiders, and will reportedly seek a new deal that could make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL. Butler left behind a similarly sour situation in Minnesota when the Timberwolves traded away the All-Star for a few bit players and a second-round draft pick in 2022. While it’s highly unlikely that Butler will seek to be the highest-paid player in the NBA, his presence currently has the Sixers as a favorite to win the East.

Take a look at his Hot Ones episode up top.

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