We're months away from a real NBA game being played but the anticipation for next season is probably higher than any season in recent memory. The massive shakeup in the league over the past few weeks has created parity in the NBA that we haven't seen in a long time. 

For the first time in years, you legitimately don't know which teams will make the NBA Finals in July. Hell, I'm not sure we for sure know every team that will be in the conference finals. That's what happened when Kawhi Leonard picked the Los Angeles Clippers over the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors. Yes, the Clippers are the current favorites with Kawhi and Paul George on the team, but it is far from a sure thing that they'll win it all. Over the past three seasons with Kevin Durant on the Warriors, you felt a sense of inevitability in the NBA. They just had so much more talent than everyone else.

But now? The league has a balance like a post-Thanos snap. The Lakers still have LeBron and Anthony Davis. The Bucks are still stacked. The Jazz got way better. You can go on and on and this list of contending teams could actually grow over the next few months. This season is going to be that insane.

We already thanked Kawhi for restoring this balance, but now the Complex Sports team put together a list of the teams that have a legit shot to win it all next season. You'll notice that we only listed two teams from the Eastern conference, but that could change going forward. For instance, if the Miami Heat pull off a Russell Westbrook trade. For now, here are every NBA team that can realistically win a championship next season.