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When you're projected to go at the top of the NBA draft, any minor change in status is big news. Such is the case with Ja Morant, largely expected to go behind Zion Williamson with the second pick in the upcoming draft. The star college baller is undergoing minor knee surgery that will put him out for a few weeks. 

According to ESPN's basketball insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Morant is having a "loose body" removed from his right knee. Woj said that Ja should be fully recovered in 3 to 4 weeks.

"Point guard Ja Morant — the projected No. 2 pick in the June NBA Draft — will undergo a minor scope on his right knee to remove a 'loose body' on Monday," Woj wrote. "He’s expected to be fully recovered in 3-to-4 weeks."

The 19-year-old is reprotedly being targeted by the Memphis Grizzlies and his agent informed the team, as well as the other draft-topping teams (New Orleans, New York and Los Angeles), of the procedure. Small school standout CJ McCollum recently explained how we ended up in a situation where a player from a non-powerhouse could see this kind of attention.

"He’s gotten better slowly but surely and now he’s blowing up and with social media and the scouting services today, we’re more aware of these mid major players because now they’re looking for the next Steph, the next Dame, the next CJ," he said. "Now they’re more aware of that, so they’re getting more publicity and getting a chance to have more success based on the players before them that had success."