LaVar Ball continues to be undefeated. The family patriarch claims his over-the-top antics were all a part of his plan to get Lonzo traded from the Lakers.

On Monday, Ball sat down with ESPN's First Take where he disclosed his diabolical plan. 

"That's exactly what I wanted to do!" Ball exclaimed when explaining his actions to Stephen A. Smith. "One of the best teams he'll play for his New Orleans." He then doubled down on this claim by insisting that he felt his son was a perfect match for the system before the trade was made. 

"I already knew it was going to happen... It's exactly what I wanted," Ball said before addressing his critics. "They said—you haters—check this out. 'We got rid of Lonzo and LaVar.' Guess what? I been here before the Lakers. LaVar ain't going no where. Lonzo going to NOLA, but I'll still be in L.A. so you'll still be able to see me." 

Ball has been correct with his past predictions. Prior to the Lakers' drafting Lonzo, LaVar proclaimed that his son would don the purple and gold. Also, when the ship started to get rocky towards the middle of last season, LaVar predicted that Magic Johnson's power was being restricted by the organization and that he'd cut ties with the team soon. He was right: Johnson announced his resignation as the team's president in April.

While LaVar has been far from wrong in the past, Lakers fans are hoping he made at least one false prediction. Once his son's name was first mentioned in trade talks, Ball warned the organization that if they move his son they will never win another championship. Ball reinstated his curse when the deal was announced.

"I guarantee... it will be the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life," Ball said when asked about the blockbuster trade. "They will never win another championship. Guarantee it."