LaVar Ball has finally spoken on the monumental trade between the Lakers and Pelicans.

While in attendance at the Drew League to watch his youngest son LaMelo Ball play on Saturday, Ball fielded questions by reporters about the Lakers sending Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks to New Orleans for Anthony Davis. It was reportedly announced on the PA, and there’s video of him finding out about the trade while on the phone.

Once the news sunk in, Ball had time to gather his thoughts about it. In the first video that surfaced, Ball says Lonzo can play with anybody so it isn’t a big deal if he joins Zion Williamson.

In another video, Ball is a little more direct about his feelings.

“I guarantee…like I’ll say it again: it’ll be the worst move they ever did in their life and they’ll never win another championship. Guarantee it,” he says about the Lakers.

When asked if they’ll regret it, Ball says, “They’re gonna regret it. I’ma have fun with it.” He adds once you let go of any of the Ball brothers, it turns into a “cold day in hell” for you.

Ball will probably not leave Los Angeles quietly, so expect more takes on this trade from the Triple B boss in the coming days.