While Kyle Lowry was the subject of some fan criticism and wound up the victim of an altercation with the Golden State Warriors part-owner Mark Stevens, he was still very much a part of what helped lead his team to victory. Unfortunately, there was something going on off-court for the Toronto Raptors player, as Danny Green revealed via Yahoo! that the point guard had been coping with the loss of his grandmother at the time of the NBA Finals.

"The crazy thing is–nobody knew this–he kind of did it, he kept it under wraps and nobody knew but I think his grandmother had passed," Green explained. "I meant to send him a text to send him my condolences. Nobody knew about it and he continued to play, and play really well with that probably on his mind, on his back, or whatever. He came out aggressive in the way we needed him to." 

Lowry later confirmed to Green that his grandmother did, in fact, pass away sometime during the NBA Finals. He caught a lot of attention during the six games, especially during Game 5 as NBA fans roasted him when a potentially game-winning shot was blocked. Regardless, he still put in a solid performance despite the weight of grief on his mind.

Fans weren't the only one to criticize Lowry for his performance during the NBA Finals, however, as Kawhi Leonard's personal trainer tweeted and then deleted a comment that lead to him going private on his account.