James Harden's "step-back" jumpshot has been argued to be one of the hardest moves to guard in the game, but it has also been the target of criticism for quite a while. Many players, basketball pundits, and casual fans alike have all accused his signature move of being nothing more than a travel.

It seems Harden isn't phased by such critiques, as the former MVP recently spoke at an event about how his patented move is received in the league. When asked about how he feels about the younger generation emulating his style of play, he responded, "That's when you're doing something right, right? Then you have the haters who talk about 'Is that a travel?' 'Is that too many steps?' or, 'Why is he wearing this? He doesn't look right.' That’s just the haters. That’s when you know you’re doing something right when you’ve got people talking about you." He finished his statement with, "I let the haters keep talking."

Naturally, greatness is often scrutinized, so Harden understands that it comes with the territory. Though it's worth noting that other players who have tried to pull off his move haven't had the same luck with officiators.

Aside from traveling, the 29-year-old also talked about the mentality the Houston Rockets need upon entering the '19-'20 season. "We gotta stay healthy. That was one of the reasons that kind of set us back this past year," he said. "Health, which is something you really can't control when it's basketball. Injuries happen. We just gotta be a little bit better. Myself, Chris [Paul], everyone who is on the roster, come back and just be a little bit better."