The NFL shared that HBO's inside-the-training-camp docuseries Hard Knocks will follow the Oakland Raiders ahead of the 2019 season. The league posted the news to Twitter, saying that the new season will debut on August 6.

Fans of the warts-and-all look at NFL teams preparing for the upcoming season were particularly intrigued by the idea of a look inside the Raiders organization, by and large considered to be one of the most dysfunctional outfits around. The team is headed up by Jon Gruden, the head coach who effectively runs the entire club thanks to an astounding 10-year, $100 million contract that makes it unlikely to send him packing. That's resulted in some of the most baffling trades in recent history, with Gruden ousting legitimate superstars that he didn't like. Beyond that, the team recently signed both Antonio Brown and Richie Incognito. If that wasn't enough, the team is currently being sued by the city of Oakland for trying to pack up and head to Las Vegas. The Raiders are so disorganized that they couldn't find a temporary home after pulling out of the Coliseum and had to return to the venue with their tails between their legs (and significantly more rent money in hand). 

NFL fans are already getting the popcorn ready.