Saquon Barkley and Baker Mayfield had a running bet over which one of them would win Rookie of the Year. Barkley firmly holds that title and Mayfield is a man of his word. The Giants running back shared a photo of Mayfield holding a custom chain shouting out Saquon's legendary legs to Twitter. 

Barkley, who encourages others to work out via his Quad Squad Challenge, can let folks know what he's about even when he's sitting down thanks to an iced-out QUADS necklace from Mayfield.   

The top two picks of the 2018 draft became friendly when they entered the league and had confidence enough to know that one of them was going to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year. So, they made things interesting.

"It's for a chain," Barkley explained to CBS Sports. "The loser's got to get someone else a chain. We get to pick the chain and we get to have fun with it because obviously everyone's talking about who's going to win, and at the end of the day we'd love to see each other win, but we'd also love to see ourselves win too, but we made a little bet with it just to show how friendly we are that it's bigger than just the award."

Both put up convincing cases for the award, acting as bright spots on fairly dismal teams: Mayfield threw 27 touchdowns to 14 interceptions, while Barkley ran for 11 scores and caught four more, putting up a combined total of over 2,000 yards. Barkley walked away with the award and he's decidedly icier for it. While the Browns won't play the Giants next year, the chain could provide some levity to their eventual meeting.