On January 22, 2006, Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. Shortly before Kobe’s career game started that night, The Game claims that the Lakers star guard walked over to him, and the two shared a few words. 

The Game shared a photo of them embracing one another on Instagram with his account of their conversation. 

"This pic was taken before or at the game @kobebryant scored 81...... The Documentary had been out a kool minute on this day," he wrote. "When he seen me, he walked over.... thanked me for the motivation & told me the whole album was all he listened to before games. That set the tone for Doctor’s Advocate & I’ll forever be grateful for his contribution to the city. #GameFacts"

The Game's claim that The Documentary, which was released on January 18, 2005, "had been out a kool minute on this day" does check out, but what about his recollection of their interaction? Now we finally have Kobe's confirmation.