Draymond Green has a simple theory on why the whole country is rooting against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

"People in the States are rooting against us because we beat all of their teams," he said. "It's all good. Their team is sitting at home with them."

Draymond attributed the animosity to Golden State's continued dominance of the NBA. Just like the Patriots in the NFL, no one is rooting for a dynasty. "You're at the top, no one's ever cheering for you to stay there," he said.

The questions came after a recent survey found 47 of 50 states are pulling for the Toronto Raptors. Only California, Nevada, and Hawaii want to see Green, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson hoist yet another trophy. Green isn't paying too much mind to the hate, however. He said the team isn't even bothering to use the hate as fuel. 

"We don't need to reach for extra motivation," he said. "If winning a championship isn't enough motivation for you then you've got other issues."

Draymond might have a bit of personal motivation in Game 2. Toronto's most high-profile booster called him "trash" following the loss to the Raptors. To Drake's credit, he appeared to call Green garbage to his face. 

We're willing to bet Draymond will head straight to the courtside seats if the Warriors pull out Game 2.