Charles Barkley was famously arrested in 1991 for getting in a fight after a game with the Milwaukee Bucks. Not only did he break another man's nose, but he supposedly did it without his shirt on. Throughout the years, the former NBA All-Star has maintained a sense of humor about the situation, and now he's finally broken down the specifics of how it went down.

While on Inside the NBA before Milwaukee played the Toronto, Barkley said the men he fought were actually bodybuilders. "That was the night I got arrested and did my Karate Kid impersonation," Barkley said when his mugshot was shown onscreen. "I took all of my clothes off because I had these three guys that were trying to beat me up. I wanted them to think I was crazy."

With a big grin on his face, he continued, "These three weightlifters were up on was snowing, too. So I thought they were gonna think I was crazy and leave me alone." The men reportedly antagonized him enough for him to fight them, but their scuffle was broken up by two nearby bouncers who noticed the commotion. "I said, 'Wipe on, wife off,'" he added. "And two guys backed off, this one fool was standing right in front of me. I hit his ass as hard as I could. I broke his nose."

To reiterate, he did all of this without any clothes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as it was snowing. "No shirt, no shoes. Nothing," he added.