After the Golden State Warriors bested Portland Trail Blazers in Thursday's 114-111 win in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, Draymond Green confidently stated that he was the "best ever defender." While it's a bold claim, he at least has someone else who would agree with him.

In a new feature from The Athletic, Andre Iguodala was quoted comparing Draymond Green's defense to Carmelo Anthony's offense. "When people ask me who is one of the toughest players to defend, and I say Melo, they're always like 'Really?,'" he said of his teammate. "Maaaan, Melo, he was a fast fat dude with hops. And can shoot. When he hit you with that first step, it was so quick, and then he's strong. People need to stop disrespecting Melo. And Draymond is the Melo of defense."

Immediately, NBA Twitter caught on to Iguodala's description of Melo as "a fast fat dude with hops."

Another one of Draymond's teammates, Klay Thompson, also had nothing but praise for the power forward. "Draymond's been special all playoffs," Thompson said as per ESPN. "When he goes, we go."