WWE's chief brand officer, Stephanie McMahon, told TMZ that she'd love to sign Rob Gronkowski and Conor McGregor to the world of entertainment wrestling. 

McMahon explained that when recruiting wrestling personalities to the company, the priority is that they exhibit larger-than-life personas. "Anybody who has a real big personality. I'd love to have Gronk in the ring. Conor McGregor, huge personality," McMahon said. "It's really about bringing in the biggest personalities with the best athletic ability."

When asked about whether any official conversations were in the works between WWE and their reps, she offered a vague response alluding to a potential partnership. "We are always having conversations," she said. Both Gronkowski and McGregor announced in March that they would be retiring from their respective sports. 

McMahon continued her interview by discussing the all-female headliners at the upcoming WrestleMania event, explaining that they were all chosen for their athletic abilities rather than in the name of feminism. 

"It's not about women having this opportunity because of a movement. It's about these 3 women, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey being the biggest stars in WWE right now with the best storyline, the best characters," McMahon noted. "They are the main event because they've earned it, and that's what our audience is most interested in seeing."

Whether or not the Gronk/McGregor WWE partnership is actually in the works remains unclear. McGregor is reportedly under investigation by Irish authorities, after a woman accused him of sexual assault in December. The New York Times published an in-depth report on the allegations in March, the same day that he MMA fighter announced that he would be retiring from the sport.