Following the Los Angeles Clippers' defeat to the Golden State Warriors on Thursday, Snoop Dogg decided to make it clear where his L.A. allegiances lie. "Clipper Darrell, put that motherfucking suit of yours in the goddamn cleaners 'cause this shit is a wrap, n***a," Snoop said to the camera in a video he posted to Instagram. In the caption, he decided to playfully tag the No. 1 fan of the Clippers.

"So what y'all made the playoffs, n***a, y'all ain't doing nothing," he continued. "Same ol' Clippers. KD is on the way, bitch. Y'all still our little brothers, n***a. Clippers gonna always be our little brothers, n***a. No banners, no flags, nothing. Let's go Golden State, Bay Area! KD got hot tonight, n***a. [...] Lakers, motherfucker."

A lifelong fan of the Lakers, Snoop isn't impressed by the performance of the Clippers despite making it to the playoffs. Regardless of how well the Warriors did during Game 3 on Thursday (April 18), the team were still annoyed by Patrick Beverley's plays. They reportedly sent in a tape of what they say are illegal plays defending against Kevin Durant.

Recently, Snoop appeared in the trailer for Netflix's new marijuana-focused documentary, Grass is Greener. The original Netflix documentary drops Saturday to celebrate 4/20, and follows a number of vocal weed advocates as they decipher the stigmas surrounding weed, and how it became criminalized.