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Soccer superstar Harry Kane says he wants to try his hand at the other football, telling ESPN that his dream is to be a kicker for an NFL team.

In the article that was published on Wednesday, the accomplished striker explained how the story of Tom Brady got him hooked the popular American sport.

"I started watching him on YouTube," said before detailing how an internet documentary on Brady's journal to NFL stardom resonated with him.

"We've had a similar path being doubted when we were younger. Maybe not being the best athletes as kids... It was quite a big inspiration." Kane said. "Not many people thought he'd become that good, or even play in the NFL, and he went on to become the best ever. At the time, it gave me a real boost to say, look, anything is possible. If you have that self-belief and that drive and that hunger, you can do it."

Brady's ascension from being the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft to one of the G.O.A.T.s lit a fire under Kane. The soccer player now wants to become an NFL kicker once he retires from professional soccer. 

"[The desire to play in the NFL] is real," Kane told ESPN's Bruce Schoenfeld. "Something that in 10 or 12 years I definitely want to try."

While his future planning is admirable, Kane is considered one of the best soccer players in the world. And at 25 years old, the Tottenham Hotspur's star has a lot of productive years left. As a result, critics wonder if he will be able to play American football at a high-level. To answer this, Kane took a cue from his 41-year-old idol. 

"It goes back to that drive to be the best," Kane stated. "Even if I download a game on my phone, can I be the best in the world? … If you play in the Premier League and the World Cup and you then play in the NFL, would you then be considered one of the greatest sportsmen ever?"