Although a Johnny Manziel and Eminem collab has never hit the streets, one can assume that whatever topic peaks both Johnny Football's and Marshall Mathers' interests is either a masterpiece or something that sounded good but ended horribly. Now, this theory might get put to the test as they both think that running fades (in every sense of the phrase) will spice up the newly formed Alliance of American Football (AAF).

On Monday, the "Rap God" took to Twitter with a post that urges the AAF to strongly consider letting the players engage in on-field fights. 

Eminem's tweet refers to the Memphis Express' heated overtime victory over the Birmingham Iron. During the game, the recently required Memphis Express' quarterback Johnny Manziel got into an altercation with an Iron player. Because Manziel was mic'd up for the game, he was heard calling the opposing player a "bitch ass" for mocking his known "money celebration." A few plays later, the two were seen shoving each other after the whistle. As a result, Manziel took it upon himself to let his "G.O.A.T." know that if it were up to him fist would be allowed.

While it is unlikely that the AAF will take a page out of the NHL's book and let their players throw hands, Eminem did bring up another interesting point. In his tweet, Eminem pointed out that "there is no Detroit team yet" in the AAF. He also alluded to his desires to work with the growing league.

Eminem brings a star power that is rivaled by few. Tapping into that presence might create another strong business relationship for the rapper.