Damon Jones has finally opened up about the now infamous J.R. Smith soup incident. Jones talked about it all on ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby. 

The soup throwing incident, which went down back in 2018 when Smith decided to chuck some soup at assistant coach Damon Jones, has, understandably, led to a few many questions. 

"For a long time I refused to talk about the soup incident," Jones revealed. "It's ok now... I've moved on. Me and J.R. we talked about it and he apologized. It was the bowl plus the soup and it was the first bowl out of the pot so it was hot as hell... very hot."

Jones continued: "It went everywhere. I was standing up. It hit me in the shoulder, arm, everywhere. It hit the wall. I mean, it was a mess... All I remember is the soup was on my arm and it was hot as hell."

Jones also revealed that the two didn't talk for a long while after the soup throwing occurred. "Actually we didn't talk to each other for probably three months," Jones explained. "Not one word. I remember, it was a night after a back to back. We was in Philadelphia. We had a conversation and said 'you know what, brothers have quarrels. I'm sorry, I apologize, let's move on.'" 

There you have it. Check out the exchange below. 

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