With the Lakers sitting on the outside of the playoff race, NBA lovers are starting to reminisce on the team's glory days in hopes of taking their minds off this horrific season. It's that nostalgia that led former NBA star and Los Angeles native Baron Davis to claim that Lakers G.O.A.T. Kobe Bryant could have taken the 2018-19 team to the playoffs. 

"Yeah, of course. Hell yeah," Davis said when TMZ asked if a 34-year-old Bryant could take this Lakers team further than LeBron James did. Yet, Davis didn't let his comment turn into an indictment against James. The ex-Clipper went on to explain why he believes the Lakers struggled. 

"I also think the Lakers had a chance," Davis continued. "But due to circumstance and injuries and shit like that—you know, you can't just put all the blame on LeBron. I think the Lakers got disconnected with what they was trying to do, what they mission was. And the trades and all that."

Davis then detailed how the constant trade rumors might have affected the psyche of Los Angeles' young core. 

"That shit don't ball well for nobody, dawg," he said. "It's tough to play for somebody and give your heart and soul to somebody and your name is on the trading block. So when you're young it's hard to bounce back from that shit."

But despite all of these qualifiers, Davis stands by his initial sentiment. 

"I mean LeBron could've did it too," Davis added. "But of course Kobe could do it. Shit, it's f**king Kobe Bryant."