Georgia prosecutors have dismissed the sexual battery charges against boxer Adrien Broner, according to TMZ.

State officials did not have enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Broner was guilty. These charges stemmed from a February 2018 incident in Atlanta's Lennox Mall where a woman claimed the boxer forcefully groped her butt, thigh, and vagina outside of the Louis Vuitton store. This led to a verbal altercation between the two that ended with Broner being arrested and charged with the two misdemeanors. Although the alleged sexual harassment was not captured, the video of the parties' ensuing argument quickly hit the internet where it became a viral moment. 

In April 2017, the Cincinnati native was stopped by authorities after crossing Kentucky state lines in an SUV riddled with bullet holes. The Cincinnati police then linked the vehicle to reports of a firefight that took place earlier in the day. Even though Broner claimed to have been the target and not the assailant, he was still taken into custody.

Last June, the boxer was involved in an incident that bears similarities to the Atlanta altercation. After attending an NBA Finals game, Broner and his team went to a local Cleveland club, where a woman alleged that the boxer forced himself on her and kissed her repeatedly. He was later arrested and charged with felony gross sexual imposition and felony abduction. Broner faces a maximum of five years in prison for these charges.