The name Nickell Robey-Coleman has already become infamous in New Orleans, and he's not doing anything to help his reputation in the Crescent City. The Los Angeles Rams cornerback who trucked wide receiver Tommylee Lewis on a crucial play late in the NFC Championship Game doesn't understand why the no-call left New Orleanians so angry. 

"It ain't my fault. It's not my fault. That's my message to them," he said in an interview with reporter Tom Pelissero. "I made a football play, I was playing fast, that's it. I don't know why they are so angry over that call." 

While he's incredibly wrong-headed if he doesn't see why his play against Lewis could get folks heated, he is right in noticing that Saints fans are very, very angry. Hundreds of members of the Who Dat Nation gathered in Jackson Square today to protest the Super Bowl. And many of the city's bars are avoiding the championship game altogether, opting to play the Saints' Super Bowl win in 2010 instead. 

Even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admitted that the call was blown and understands the anger fans feel. 

“It’s a play that should be called,” Goodell said in a press conference. “We’re going to make sure that we do everything possible to address the issues going forward and see if there are improvements we can make with instant replay or anything else. I understand the emotions.”

If Goodell gets it, Robey-Coleman should be able to issue a mea culpa. At the very least, he shouldn't deny wrongdoing using the name of a New Orleans classic

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