The Luke Walton saga in Los Angeles keeps getting weirder. While the official line of the Lakers is that everything is fine between LeBron James and the team's head coach, fault lines have begun to show. For example, the team managed to leave Walton behind after a recent loss in New Orleans.

Twitter user David Grubb recounted the odd scene at the Smoothie King Center. 

"So this was interesting. I was talking to some SKC staffers I know as the Lakers’ team bus is pulling off. Suddenly, Luke Walton comes around the corner. Bus gone," he wrote. "It had to come back for the coach. Damn shame."

The pull-off comes as the Lakers are in the middle of an underperforming season. In spite of landing the best player in the league, Walton and the Lakers are 3.5 games out of the 8th seed in the Western Conference with just 23 games left in the season. That they just lost to a bad Pelicans team by double digits in a game that Anthony Davis sat out of definitely doesn't help the look of things. 

The story of a rift in the locker room spread so far that Walton was recently forced to address it

"I don't know anything about that," Walton said when reporters asked about bad blood between himself and James. "LeBron and I get along just fine.