Kevin Durant's desire to be mentioned with the GOATs might result in him leaving the comfort of the Warriors' super team and embark on a quest to win a title on his own.

According to The Athletic's Ethan Strauss, Durant "believed" beating the Cavaliers during the 2017 Finals would allow him to dethrone King James and become the new face of the NBA. Yet, although Warriors won the championship, KD was still in LeBron's shadow. This is because despite Durant gaining the Final's MVP, James averaged a triple-double and was still seen as the series best player. To add insult to ego, Durant's second place standing didn't change even after sweeping the Cavs in the finals the following year. 

The reason for this is rooted in his teammates. While his controversial decision to join an already stacked Golden State Warriors team proved fruitful in terms of championships, it has been detrimental to Durant's legacy. Even though the 2014 NBA MVP has all the hardware needed to get into the Hall of Fame, to be mentioned in the GOAT conversation, Durant must answer the biggest question mark of his career: "Can he do it alone?"

According to those around him, KD's obsession with scratching that off his checklist will force him to leave the Bay and prove that he can build his own dynasty.