On Monday, Mike Francesa got himself worked up over a ridiculous meme no serious person would think is real. The rant came on Francesa's $8.99 per month WFAN app. This is the point where one should point out that, hey, you're not paying for accuracy you're paying for entertainment.

The meme in question was posted onto Todd Gurley's Instagram, and was a pretty blatant attempt to troll after the Rams got away with that egregious pass interference that many have credited (fairly or not) their NFC Conference Championship win to. Because (we assume) that you're reasonable, you know that the officiating crew wouldn't compound their problems by, say, doing a jersey swap with Gurley afterward like this mock-up of the Rams' back with NFL ref Bill Vinovich:



A post shared by Todd Gurley (@tg4hunnid) on Jan 20, 2019 at 4:52pm PST


Francesa's complaint was akin to another one of his recent gems in which he went in on the Cleveland Browns for the equally absurd rumor that they were considering hiring Condoleeza Rice as their next head coach:

During a commercial break somebody must've informed Francesa that Vinovich didn't flush his career down the toilet simply to pose with Gurley's jersey (the watermark might've been a helpful giveaway).

“The Gurley-Vinovich photo is not real,” Francesa said after he got back on the air. “Thank god. At least that wasn’t true. They didn’t exchange jerseys. I’m thankful for that.”