COMPLEX: First thing’s first – welcome to London! Were you excited to find out you were coming here when the fixture was announced?

Kevin Knox: Yeah definitely – when we figured out we were playing out in London I was excited ‘cause I’ve never been here before. It’s been pretty dope so far.

Is there anything you’d like to try and see/do before you leave?

I might go see some stuff later on, there’s lots of buildings and different stuff out here I wanna check out. Probably not gonna go shopping, but hopefully got some time later on to check out some more of London after practice. 

You’re debuting the PUMA Clyde Court London – which is a tribute to the city. What do you think of the new sneaker?

Oh it’s definitely one of my favourite sneakers ever. They put together a dope design, dope colourway, everything...I’ve seen people are loving them on social media too, so when these come out I’m sure a lot of people are gonna be getting their hands on them. It’s gonna be dope to debut them tomorrow in the game. 

The “Lion” motif is a big feature of this shoe. How important is strength and bravery to your game day mentality?

That’s the dopest thing about the shoe. Everyone I show it to – my friends, my family – they definitely love it too. The lion really suits me symbolically too, ‘cause when I’m going up against some of these older guys, you’ve got to go into it with the right mindset and confidence. 

We’re debuting the shoe in Foot Locker – this must be the perfect place to launch the shoe. Was Foot Locker a big part of your life growing up?

Definitely, Foot Locker is one of the best shoe stores to get your shoes from and I think everyone did that growing up from when we were kids. I still pull up and head their now when I wanna buy some shoes today!

How much did it mean for you to sign to PUMA in your rookie year?

It’s pretty big! It’s my first year in the NBA so it’s good to have a relationship there from the start. I wanted to try something new when I signed with PUMA, I liked what they were talking about, the designs they were showing me… and they just felt really good on my feet too. 

Are you a big sneaker head? What’s your collection like and what are your favourite sneakers to wear right now?

I’m a huge sneakerhead. Growing up, I always bought a lot of sneakers. I’m always wearing basketball shoes pretty much everywhere. I’ll be wearing the Clyde Courts a lot from now on, as well as some of the PUMA running shoes too.